Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3½ Time-Outs Tuesday

So TheLarryD has officially gotten me off the fence on this, to combat the reign of the Fulwinator. Sorry that I'm a day late, but I was out fishing with a buddy all-day yesterday. Can you blame me?

I'm back!!!! Again, sorry for my absence. I really just needed a break from my brain. I start thinking about things, and then I can't stop and my brain starts getting all muddled and so, sometimes, I just need to take a break from serious, deep thinking on serious, deep issues, lest I go even more insane.

As I just earlier, I went fishing yesterday. Before we cleaned and filleted the fish, I got a couple pictures with the 4-lb Channel Cat I caught. My buddy took the pictures, and he gave me a few tips. Apparently, when taking a picture with a fish, one should hold the fish as far away from one's body as possible. It makes the fish look bigger! Who knew?!

It's time for Ron Paul to go home. This report just came out, saying that NBC reassigned the last embedded reporter with the Paul campaign. They won't say it, but everybody knows it's because Ron Paul is irrelevant at this point.

It's Spring Break!


  1. Good on you for joining the Posse! Thanks!

    So where's the pic of the fish?

  2. It will be up soon. The pic's on my buddy's phone so I have to wait for him to send it to me.

  3. FYI - Fishing is the only acceptable excuse for not doing your 3 1/2 post.