Monday, December 12, 2011

Nationalism, Cultural Superiority, and the Century of Fear; Part the Second

Sorry to cut the last part off so suddenly, but it appears blogger has a word limit. Who'd a thunk it... anyways, back to the issue. 

To be sure, this idea like all ideas, can be used for evil when taken to the extreme and adopted by evil men with no regard for human life. This radical cultural superiority is called Social Darwinism. We witness this in the Holocaust and other atrocities of World War II and the Cold War, in the horrible deeds committed against the American Indians, and the exploitation of the Congo Free State. World War II claimed between 62 and 78 million lives. The Soviet Union is estimated to have killed as many as 20 million. Mao's China: 40 million. An estimated 8 million died in the Congo Free State.

 It is safe to say that the effects of this radical Social Darwinism are evil, and we are right to fear and loathe it. But, today's so-called progressives fear too much. In the scramble to avoid the slightest whiff of Social Darwinism, they shun any hint of Cultural Superiority. And thus, we become a society that refuses to condemn a country, people, or religion when it fails to protect the fundamental civil rights of its members. There are numerous examples I could give you, but I want to stay with the theme and talk about Britain, a stunning example of how far a people can fall in such a short time. Britain is being hit with a deluge of Muslim immigrants. They bring with them their customs and their values. As a result, British police are facing a growing wave of so-called "honor killings." These "honor killings" are what happens when a Muslim woman fails to hold up the standards of Islam, mostly in regards to sexual purity. In most cases, the victim's brother of father kills her, pre-meditated, so as to restore the family's honor in the eyes of the rest of the Muslim community. Even if the woman was raped, it is her fault, and she must be killed. But the British are loathe to confront this. It's not like this is happening in some backwater hell-hole the British happen to administer; it's happening right in their backyards! But the British are too progressive to call out this religion's savage practice. They are too progressive to hold the preposterous position that their culture is somehow better than an alien culture that thinks it right to murder their own daughters for being raped, to cut off a thief's hand, to stone to death a man who cheats on his wife. No, that would not be politically correct. 

And this brings me back to my main assertion: that the "progressive" is motivated by fear. It is the fear of conflict. the fear that standing for something may mean we have to fight for that which we stood for. It may mean we have to take a shot to the jaw and maybe a few good body blows before we run the filth out of town. No, the progressive is so paralyzed by the fear of what may happen if crazy, evil men get their grimy hands on such an idea, that he cannot stand for anything. And, inevitably, he finds himself giving up more and more ground to those who would see him dead. It is the same fear that rendered Neville Chamberlain incapable of standing up to the forces of Nazi Germany and led him to infamously appease the German war machine in the hopes of avoiding the good fight. Mr. Chamberlain's appeasement was not enough, indeed it never is, and he was ultimately forced to fight anyways. but by then it was to late and Germany had momentum and organization on its side. Believe me, we are coming upon a Clash of Cultures. The question is: Do we stand and fight, or continue to be paralyzed by fear until it is too late and we are forced on the defensive. 

Now back to studying... Damn. 

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