Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Art vs. Hate Crimes

I came across this picture today while perusing the blogosphere, and I think it is rather enlightening

I think this more accurately expresses the sympathies of modern art far more clearly than my words ever could. Read THIS POST by Christopher T. Haley over at First Things if you want to have your eyes opened to the proper place of art in society. It's truly enlightening.  A quote:

        "Art schools teach students to challenge the audience, but they do not teach them why they should—and no one, certainly, has taught the audience to appreciate it. Many critics even decry this fact, blaming the poor state of the arts in our country on an audience that just doesn’t “get it.”

         The notion that the artist’s role is to challenge the audience is offensive to the audience. It is arrogant and condescending. Learning how to paint, sculpt, write, or compose, does not make one a moral authority on art or anything else. There is no moral value in being transgressive for the sake of transgressiveness. And there is no merit in challenging people just for the sake of a challenge. The old “devil’s argument” is, after all, a very poor argument."

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