Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday News

1. You remember that POS website that was in the news a while back, WikiLeaks? Well, turns out they actually did some good! They recently released a ton of new State Department diplomatic cables and boy are there a few whoppers in there! This via 

You know how liberals love to throw around the word tolerance? well, it doesn't apply to them. You see, a bunch of recently leaked cables from the Ambassador to Poland complains that the Catholic Church's teachings are " a major source of 'homophobia' in the heavily Catholic Country." The Embassy notes that the Episcopate in Warsaw has condemned violence and discrimination against gays, but says that it's the local priests who ignore this message and still preach that sexual attraction to the same gender is a "deviant condition." You see, somehow teaching the truth that homosexual attraction is disordered is the same thing as violence and discrimination. Somebody get the State Department some new dictionaries, I think theirs are broken. Here's another one: "Moreover, the Church continues to label homosexual acts as sins and calls on homosexuals to practice abstinence. Most Polish opponents of gay rights cite 'Catholic values' and 'natural law' to support their views."  
Right you are, Mr. Pickard!

Wow. Where to begin with that? Oh, I know. How about the fact that any half-honest person would admit that homosexuality is inherently unnatural? How about the fact that 'Catholic values' are just as legitimate (actually much more so) as your guiding values, if we can call them that, Mr. Obama? Or we could just restate the fact that Holy Mother Church cannot change her teachings on homosexuality/abortion/contraception and leave it at that. The arrogance of these people is astounding. Who are you to think that your short-lived sociopolitical philosophies are more enlightened than those of the Church, who has stood firm in the face of all manner of evils for two thousand years! She will continue to stand firm, as well, despite your arrogance. My reaction to this news:

 That about sums it up. Stepping off my soapbox now...

2. Obama's "jobs" "speech" last night. What a joke. I didn't get to watch it due to an Aggie Catholic Bible Study leadership meeting. So I watched it after the fact. And you know what, I think Mr. Obama has a future as a comedian! I mean, He got more real laughs (not that he was trying, he wanted it to be a serious ordeal) in that speech than David Letterman gets in a regular night (discounting the laugh tracks, of course). Just listen to the Republicans laugh when he says this isn't class warfare!

 WeaselZippers has the story if you're interested. The interesting thing is that, while these addresses are usually standing-room-only for the media, only 26 of the 90 designated media seats were filled. heh. heheheh. hehehehehe. heheheheheh. AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH! Seriously, read the story. You'll get a good chuckle out of it. 

That's all for me today, sorry for not being too original, but it's Friday and I'm tired. 



  1. You are great. And funny. I woke up angsty this morning so I was pleased to read your angsty blog post. angst angst angst.

  2. Angst? Angst!? Well, yes, I guess that was a bit angsty today.

    +1 for the video.