Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So here I am, two days post-op, telling you, my readers, about my life.

Honestly, nothing real exciting's happened since the General Anesthesia wore off; just lots and lots of soft foods and sitting around. However, my actions while under the influence of the Anesthesia has cemented in me the desire to never ever ever ever ever get truly drunk ever in my life. Period. I acted quite the fool, and I was thoroughly embarrassed. Yaaaaaay drugs.

Amanda and Elizabeth came over Monday night to visit me and Steph, and I really enjoyed their visit. They brought Blokus, and I got my butt kicked. Twice. It was definitely not by best showing. Lets blame that on the anesthesia as well, actually.

That's all, folks. My life hasn't been very exciting recently. Sorry.


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