Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Double Duty

Haha, I just said duty... just kidding.

Part one: I have a new blog addiction, it is Marc at Bad Catholic. He puts me to shame, really. I know it's not really that hard to do, but it makes it doubly painful because he's my age, actually a bit younger, and he has a better grasp on the Faith, and is already smarter and a better writer than I. Three cheers for lessons in humility! Anyways, I read two of his  posts recently, titled "Y'all Suck at Sinning" and an older one from March titled "How Not to Have Sex". They're brilliant, really, you should go read them and comment and like him on Facebook. And then you can subscribe to my blog because it makes me feel important. Back to Marc. The first of these articles deals with how we sin. Marc points out that, "back in the day," before the sexual revolution and relativism and all that, when you sinned you at least new it was wrong and you chose to do it anyways and you probably got a bit of a thrill from that forbidden fruit. Now, however, in our so called enlightened age of liberation, nothing is forbidden, nothing taboo, and so there is no longer a thrill in sinning because many of us don't even know it is wrong. Thus, that which was once forbidden, scandalous, is now oh so banal and boring (+1 for mini-alliteration). That is not to say that we should sin in the first place, as all sin is evil, only that the older generations at least knew and maybe even enjoyed the fact that they were choosing sin and it was therefore much more exciting. Now, however, sex is just sex. Which leads into the second article. It says many of the same things as the first, only it focuses more on sex. There's a line in there though, where Marc writes,  

"Might I take the moment to ask anyone reading this to be skeptical of a man advocating the eradication of a taboo, for the very word implies that human beings have been doing it forever, and it's a certain ugly pride to think yourself better and more brilliant than your hundreds of forefathers. If a thing is really old-fashioned - as in thousands of years of use - then it is not decrepit, not limping with a cane; it is a rugged survivor, probably wearing flannel. Abortion is decrepit. Wine is old. So when the common consensus of all of humanity is that sex is beautiful, doubt and feel free to mock the porno industry that says it's ugly."

There's a line there that really hit me, it's the part about the "rugged survivor." Here, I think of the Church as being any one of the following:
Bear Grylls. Ish.
Sir Edmund Hillary. First man to climb Everest, and the first man to reach the South Pole since Amundsen and Scott 
Ernest Hemingway. No explanation required. 
Sir Ernest Shackleton. Go look him up, you won't be sorry.
These men remind me of the ancient traditions and the Catholic Church. They survive, no matter what Nature can throw at them. So too, the Church and her traditions. And, with the exception of Bear, they all have awesome beards that I am massively jealous of. Then there is evil. Evil is seductive at first, but it soon leads one to decay. Just take these two as examples.

From the immortal imaginations of J. R. R.  Tolkien and Peter Jackson
Sorry about that, I was trying to make a point.

Part the Second: This is the "update on something interesting in my life and try to share some recently-found wisdom" section, so feel free to stop reading if you don't care. I have recently rediscovered the joy of writing letters. It started, as many things do, as a passing remark from a beautiful girl, lamenting that nobody writes letters anymore. I felt the same way, and that comment reverberated around in my head for a few days. Then I started writing, and i realized the many benefits of letter-writing. A letter, you see, is almost like a part of you. When you write that letter, ink from your pen, held in your hand, is transferred to that page. You hold that page with your hands, you seal the envelope. Then you send it. When that letter is received and read, you are being invited into that person's life. They are reading the words you wrote, touching the paper you touched, etc. And there is a certain excitement when you receive a letter that you just don't get with a text message, phone call, or email. It's a joy all its own and completely inimitable.

So I've been writing letters, and a young lady and I have recently decided, with, I believe, the help of the Holy Spirit, to stop being in constant communication and correspond only through letters. As difficult as it was at first to divorce myself from the instant gratification of immediate communication, I believe it will strengthen our relationship while still allowing us to protect our hearts. One of the dangers of modern communication is that you can quickly cross emotional boundaries without truly getting to know the heart of the person. Or you can get to know someone too well too quickly and cross into that "friend zone" from which there is only hurt and no true way out. I will be the first to admit that I am guilty of this and it is a constant struggle to find the right balance. Which is why this plan of ours is so genius. We are faced with interesting circumstances, which makes it all the more important that we guard our hearts and practice proper emotional chastity. It keeps us out of that "instant gratification" mindset and allows us to take the time we need to get to know each other better. Plus, you get to look forward to receiving a letter from a young woman quite regularly. It's very old-fashioned, I know, but I think it'll work and, like I said earlier, the traditions of old tend to have some wisdom to 'em. Time will tell.

Your prayers in this matter are greatly appreciated.
Gig 'Em and God Bless,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Pope's Divisions

I would like to apologize to you, my readers. I have been a slacker recently. As I'm sure you've noticed, my last several posts have been video-heavy. I seek to remedy that with this post.

Unfortunately, I did not get to go to World Youth Day in Madrid this year. Seeing the images, videos, and media coverage of World Youth Day over the past two weeks though, I was struck by something heavy. I was reminded of the immortal words of Josef Stalin. Yes, you heard me correctly. World Youth Day, a gathering of about 1.5 million faithful Catholic young adults publicly proclaiming their faith and praising God, reminded me of the greatest mass-murderer in human history. No, hear me out, I'm not completely insane... just a little bit. I was reminded of the famous quote wherein Stalin says, in 1935, "The Pope! How many divisions has he got?" Stalin was, of course, dismissing the power and influence of the Pope with the Russian people. But there was a larger meaning there. Stalin, indeed Communism as a whole, hated religion, and Catholicism in particular. The irony of all this is that Communism fell just over 50 years later with nary a shot being fired, largely due to one man: The Pope of Rome, His Holiness Blessed John Paul The Great. It was his Papal visit to his homeland of Poland in 1979 was the beginning of the end for Communism. Lech Walesa, the founder of the Polish movement Solidarity, credited JP2 with giving the Poles the courage to rise up and throw off the shackles of Atheism, Communism, and Soviet domination. He inspired those Poles, he gave them hope, something they had not had for over 30 years. That was then. Flash forward 30 years, and you arrive at the present.

Hope. Above all else, that is what World Youth Day gave me. Hope is the heavy object God hit me with as I was watching coverage of WYD 2011. Let me be clear, I often suffer from a lack of hope for the world. Seriously, ask my mother. I have no lack of Hope for my future, or the future of my friends and family. I tend to think that the world may very well be going to Hell in a hand basket. It is a problem that I struggle with on a daily basis. It is an oft-heard complaint these last 5 years that Pope Benedict XVI is not a charismatic as JP2. That Der Panzer Pope is a stuffy traditionalist, out of touch with today's average Catholic. Ha! Almost 2 MILLION young Catholics, the very people B16 is supposed to be out of touch with, flocked to Madrid from all over the world to see him, to hear him speak, and, above all, to worship our Heavenly Father with him. They came to see this man, this frail, kinda creepy-looking 82 year-old Bavarian theologian.

What attracts my generation to this man? The answer: Love. It is telling that the average of this year's WYD participant is 22. That means that this WYD was attended not just by the remnants of the JP2 generation, but also by the B16 generation. Like me, the majority of the pilgrims grew and matured with Papa Benedict as our Holy Father. It is not valid, then, to say that the crowds in Madrid were drawn by the remnants of JP2's charisma. This year, the crowds were drawn by B16 himself. And you know that every one of those 1.5 million pilgrims represents at least 10 others who wish they could have been there.

A great example of why we are drawn to our Papa is this: the night before the last day of WYD, there was a vigil held at the airfield. B16 was in the middle of a speech when a freak thunderstorm blew in. Frankly, it reminded me of a Texas supercell from the descriptions. It poured, it blew, dust was picked up and whipped the pilgrims. Tents were ripped apart and blown around, some people were hurt. And yet, nobody wanted to leave. Many of the pilgrims, in fact, started dancing and singing, grateful for a break from the heat. Pope Benedict's skullcap was blown from his head and he was forced to abandon his speech, and those wonderful men whose job it is to look after his well-being urged him to leave and take shelter. He didn't leave his flock. Under a large white umbrella, he waited out the storm in solidarity with his children.
And after the storm had passed? They checked the stage for damage. Then, he got up, calmly addressed the crowd and thanked them for coming and being strong through the storm. then, his hair in disarray, without his customary skullcap, and obviously wearied by the storm, he led the entire crowd in adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament.
There, at that airfield, over a million pilgrims fell to their knees in the mud, silent, adoring the Body of our Lord and Savior.

These holy youth are inspired by the Pope. He leads, and he speaks to us not as unintelligent children, but as young men and women of God, coming into our own in this fallen world and seeking Truth and Love. He understands that we, the future of the Church, desire to be challenged not coddled. We hunger for red meat, while the vast world tries to feed us cake. Pope Benedict XVI understands this. He challenges us, teaches us. We recognize that the enormous sacrifice of Christ on the Cross requires a similarly huge commitment to living his Gospel in the world, even when it's not the politically-correct or popular thing to do, and he points us to the Church and the Sacraments as the way to follow Christ. We are young. We are positive. We are smart. We are energetic. We are strong. And we are willing to sacrifice in order to re-form our fallen world into a better image of Christ's love for us, despite the costs to ourselves. We are not interested in reforming the Church, letting priests marry, ordaining women, letting gay people marry, popular elections of Bishops, or introducing democracy to the church. We are content with the church as it is and, if anything, wish to go back to the old customs. We seek out the full glory of the Sacred Traditions. We seek and recognize true Beauty in life. We are the Pope's divisions, and, if we are any indication, the future of he church looks bright indeed.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Catholicism: The Series

Fr. Robert Barron's Catholicism is coming out soon. I cannot flippin wait. I'm about to post a SUPER long video preview. Bear with me here, and watch it all the way through.
I. Cannot. Wait.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue

Here I am, returning to my habit of late night posts. Oh well.

Today was my last day of working for the YMCA of Arlington. Can't really say that I am sad or anything.

the main point of today's post is to bring to you a wonderful prayer/poem and a wonderful man. The poem is titled "Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue" by Mary Dixon Thayer. It was made famous in the 19950's b one of the greatest men of the 20th century, and one of the greatest Catholic leaders America has ever produced, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.

Abp. Sheen is sort of a hero to me. He was that rare combination of scholar and personality; one who could understand and explain complex theological, philosophical, and practical issues and in such a way that anyone could then understand them, but who could also hold an audience's attention long enough to really make a difference. He was an incredibly successful Author, television personality, evangelist, apologist, and he had one of the most beautiful, dedicated devotions to the Blessed Mother I have ever encountered.

Anyways, on to the poem:

"Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue"

Lovely Lady dressed in blue ------- 

Teach me how to pray! 
God was just your little boy, 
Tell me what to say!

Did you lift Him up, sometimes, 

Gently on your knee? 
Did you sing to Him the way 
Mother does to me?

Did you hold His hand at night? 

Did you ever try 
Telling stories of the world? 
O! And did He cry?

Do you really think He cares 

If I tell Him things ------- 
Little things that happen? And 
Do the Angels' wings

Make a noise? And can He hear 

Me if I speak low? 
Does He understand me now? 
Tell me -------for you know.

Lovely Lady dressed in blue ------- 

Teach me how to pray! 
God was just your little boy, 
And you know the way.

There is so much wisdom and insight packed into so very few words in this poem. This is, to me, the epitome of poetry. We can all learn a little from this poem. Also, it's a very common-sense example of why we honor Mary in the Catholic Church. Now, here's a four-part video of Archbishop Sheen on Mary

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Hero

I have said before, that I have a man crush on Colonel Allen West, Representative from Florida.
Today, Rep. West became my hero.
Besides his antipathy to Rep Schultz, he is apparently a witty student of military history, As this CBS story points out. According to the story, the Florida chapter of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) sent him a letter demanding he distance himself from groups they feel are "Anti-Islamic." His response was one word: NUTS.

Now some of you, including CAIR and several of his constituents may think this is childish, or unprofessional. I assure you, though, this is funny.

You see, back in World War II there was a battle in the Ardennes Forest in Germany, called the Battle of the Bulge. Hitler amassed his best remaining forces, including a crap-ton of Panzer and SS divisions, with the best German equipment and sent them straight through the Ardennes at the weakest point in the American lines. In the middle of winter. It was a complete surprise attack, and it caught the Allies napping. The idea was to break through the Allies thin lines and then turn and attack in all directions at their exposed rear flank while capturing all the Allies' supplies along the way. This all hinged on a little town named Bastogne, in Belgium, where no less than 8 major roads came together and intersected. When news of the German offensive reached Allied Command, the 101st Airborne, including the famous Easy Company, were taken off of leave and ordered to the town of Bastogne. They had little food, little ammo, almost no medical supplies, and absolutely no winter boots or uniforms. Oh, and they had almost no artillery or tanks or, really, any big weapons (no bazookas) and the weather meant they had no air support. They were a light rifle company. On the way to Bastogne, they collected what ammo and supplies they could from the masses of retreating Americans they were passing. It still wasn't enough, and they knew it. When they got to Bastogne, they occupied the surrounding forests and settled in for the shitstorm (pardon my French, but it is an apt description) they knew was coming. In town, the best they had were a couple light Anti-tank guns, against a horde of Panzer divisions.

When the Germans finally got there, they surrounded the town and the soldiers. When the German commander, General Von Lüttwitz send a cable to American General Anthony McAuliffe demanding that the Americans surrender or face absolute destruction, Gen. McAuliffe sent back a one word reply, the only reply he could think of to such a demand. It read: "NUTS!" The Germans attacked, The Americans held. After a and General Patton (Whoop!) came to the aid of the Battered Bastards of Bastogne, as they had come to be known. To this day, no member of the Airborne has admitted needing rescued.

Sorry for the history lesson, but I feel it's important to understanding the humor and context of this statement by Col. West. He's an Army guy, he knows all about this battle. Granted, the man he sent it to is either completely ignorant of this famous episode in history, is pretending to be to make a point. He is quoted in the article as saying, "When I first saw that, I wasn't sure if he was calling me nuts, or he was calling my concern nuts." Honestly, he should probably be more upset that his group was compared to a Nazi general demanding surrender from Americans, than with his concerns being called nuts. In this case, I guess, ignorance is bliss. Well not bliss, just mild indignation.  Regardless, my respect for this Representative from Florida just took off like a Saturn-5 rocket.


Monday, August 15, 2011


Hello. It feels to me like it's been a while since I've written here, even though it's only been a few days. Strange.

Anyways, I thought this piece  by Matthew Archbold over at Creative Minority Report was incredibly hilarious! As it turns out, the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) is trying to unionize Planned Parenthood workers! I am in complete agreement with Mr. Archbold, and, for the first and only time in my life, I fully support the corrupt, morally bankrupt sleazeballs at the SEIU. Thus far, conservative groups have been unable to fully defund PP, but the unions will have that done in no time at all! As Mr. Archbold points out, "Just look at the car companies!"

It's kind of ironic really: liberal gasbags trying to ruin other liberal gasbags! I'm positively giddy right now. I just can't believe, with all the creativity and originality in the pro-life movement, nobody had thought of this earlier! Seriously! This is, in my mind, an example of how the Holy Spirit uses the corrupt, the sinners, to bring about God's will on Earth. Maybe. Possibly? I just can't wait till the day when the unions are marching on the clinics, protesting, right alongside 40 Days for Life. Or that first strike, when liberals shut down their clinics, their sacred cows, to demand higher wages, better benefits, etc.
Can you imagine this outside every PP clinic in the country?!?
They'll be more effective than we can ever be. I say we support these crazed liberals, just this once. I know they have a habit of doing ridiculous things more reminiscent of an upset chimpanzee than an adult human (like throwing feces and defecating publicly. Seriously, I'm not even kidding, they were throwing their own poop and it took an injunction by a Superior Court to stop it. They also cut police phone lines. Freaking brilliant, that; nobody's gonna suspect the phone company workers who are on strike right next to police station), but they'll be effective, that's for sure. Even if we deplore their tactics. I'll take the unions' retarded antics over more dead babies any day of the week

Your daily (haha, yeah right) video today, in honor of the continuing drought here in The Sahara Texas, is below. Enjoy!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Warning you Up-Front

This is going to be a rant. I may edit this later, when I'm cooled down, but right now I just need to Rage. I need to get it out. Please pardon any profanity that sneaks in; I'll try to edit myself. No promises.

Yesterday, in the New York Times, there was an article about "pregnancy reductions," wherein twins, triplets, etc. are, by means of abortion, reduced to only one or two children: "Losing some fetuses for the sake of others". Allow me to extract pieces from the article. The article will appear in This text and my comment in Bold The full article can be found here

The article starts off with the story of a woman, known only to us as Jenny:

As Jenny lay on the obstetrician’s examination table, she was grateful that the ultrasound tech had turned off the overhead screen. She didn’t want to see the two shadows floating inside her. Hmm I wonder why? Since making her decision, she had tried hard not to think about them, though she could often think of little else. She was 45 and pregnant after six years of fertility bills, ovulation injections, donor eggs and disappointment You poor, poor woman... — and yet here she was, 14 weeks into her pregnancy, choosing to extinguish one of two healthy fetuses, almost as if having half an abortion. As the doctor inserted the needle into Jenny’s abdomen, aiming at one of the fetuses, Jenny tried not to flinch, caught between intense relief and intense guilt. I wonder why the guilt? It's just a blob of tissue, right? Not like it's actually a child, which you've tried for so long to conceive. 
 “Things would have been different if we were 15 years younger or if we hadn’t had children already or if we were more financially secure,” she said later. Excuses, excuses. Buck up Missyaccept the results of your own actions. Show some damn maturity. You knew this could happen! It's an extremely common result when you're on fertility medications.  “If I had conceived these twins naturally, I wouldn’t have reduced this pregnancy, because you feel like if there’s a natural order, then you don’t want to disturb it. But we created this child in such an artificial manner — in a test tube, choosing an egg donor, having the embryo placed in me — and somehow, making a decision about how many to carry seemed to be just another choice. The pregnancy was all so consumerish to begin with, and this became yet another thing we could control.” Why would it be different if it was natural? Certainly not because you feel there's a certain sanctity to these things!? After all, babies are just commodities. Ma'am, the fact that you feel even the tiniest bit of guilt deep down in your ill-formed, very well-ignored conscience proves there is something inherently wrong with what you just did. And how will you feel about this child once it is born? will it be just another commodity then, too? When it cries at 2:00 am, will you want to return it?
For all its successes, reproductive medicine has produced a paradox: in creating life where none seemed possible, doctors often generate more fetuses than they intend. Maybe we should get doctors out of the business of "creating life", and leave that to God? Afterall, it is kind of his specialty. In the mid-1980s, they devised an escape hatch to deal with these megapregnancies, terminating all but two or three fetuses to lower the risks to women and the babies they took home. Sick. But what began as an intervention for extreme medical circumstances has quietly become an option for women carrying twins. Kind of like what happened with divorce? Or contraception? Or "regular" abortion? Anybody else spot a depraved pattern here? With that, pregnancy reduction shifted from a medical decision to an ethical dilemma. We still have to work out just how far we’re willing to go to construct the lives we want. The answer: way too damn far.
Jenny’s decision to reduce twins to a single fetus was never really in doubt. The idea of managing two infants at this point in her life terrified her. She and her husband already had grade-school-age children, and she took pride in being a good mother. She felt that twins would soak up everything she had to give, leaving nothing for her older children. Even the twins would be robbed, because, at best, she could give each one only half of her attention and, she feared, only half of her love. Cop. Out. Suck it up. It's your own damn  fault anyways. And if you can't love your kids equally, you shouldn't be having kids in the first place. Besides, there's a difference between paying attention to your kids and loving them. Sure, you may not be able to pay as much attention to your older ones as you may want, but that doesn't mean they'll start to think you don't love them. Or, in fact, that you don't love them.
She and her husband worked out this moral calculation on their own, and they intend to never tell anyone about it. Jenny is certain that no one, not even her closest friends, would understand, and she doesn’t want to be the object of their curiosity or feel the sting of their judgment. Why would they be judging you if you didn't do anything that everybody knows is inherently disordered? Indeed why would you feel shameful and try to hide it if you didn't to something you know is terrible. You, ma'am, know you did something wrong, and are now paying the price: guilt. Reminds me of a certain bible story where two young folks tried to hide themselves from God when they did wrong..
What is it about terminating half a twin pregnancy that seems more controversial than reducing triplets to twins or aborting a single fetus? Nothing, they both make me want to throw up. After all, the math’s the same either way: one fewer fetusAha, Now it's just math! Perhaps it’s because twin reduction (unlike abortion) involves selecting one fetus over another, when either one is equally wanted. Perhaps it’s our culture’s idealized notion of twins as lifelong soul mates, two halves of one whole.No no no no no. Dear God, NO! It's the fact that there is absolutely NO reasonable excuse for aborting just one twin. You can hide behind any number of excuses for abortion, but everybody knows that aborting multiple fetuses, yet leaving one, is an ultimate act of selfishness. It is staring God in the face and giving him the middle finger. Especially after trying to have kids for years, people recognize that you're just a self-centered bitch. That's all there is to it there.

Even some people who support abortion rights admit to feeling queasy about reduction to a singleton. “I completely respect and support a woman’s choice,” one commentator wrote on UrbanBaby.com, "Something about that whole situation just seemed unethical to me,” the commentator continued. “I just couldn't sleep at night knowing that I terminated my daughter’s perfectly healthy twin brother.” Even the disordered conscience recognizes there is something deeply wrong with this...

I'm not going to pick apart the whole article, it takes up 11 pages on Microsoft Word. I think you can get the feel from what you just read. It sickens me. I honestly feel physically sick reading this. What has happened to our society such that some people now feel okay with terminating half of their children. One can logically see some merit to the arguments in favor of abortion rights. Not that they're necessarily logical reasons, but one can understand the appeal of that line of thinking. Yet, even many abortion supporters quoted in this article feel uneasy with "pregnancy reduction." Doctors who routinely preform abortions often refuse  to reduce pregnancies below twins. Which makes me wonder who the HELL these women think they are to do this. 
I think a part of it is that it's a semi reception of the precious gift of life. Instead of an outright rejection of Life, it's a person saying, " thank you God for this precious gift of Life that we've been trying so hard for for so long. However, we really only wanted one, so we're gonna kill these others. Thanks again, God!" 
This angers me. It honestly scared me how upset and angry I became when I read this story. I haven't been this upset in a long, long time. Maybe ever.  It is taking all of my self-control not to throw something heavy across my gameroom as I write this. I don't think Christ would mind this though. I think this is the kind of righteous anger He felt when he trashed the Temple markets. That makes me feel a little bit better about myself, actually.
 However we may feel, let us pray to our Immaculate Mother for the souls of these poor children and of their ungrateful parents. That they may come to see the great blessing that their children are and that they may come to a fuller understanding of the saving Love of Jesus Christ. Amen

A little video for ya. To end on a lighter note. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So here I am, two days post-op, telling you, my readers, about my life.

Honestly, nothing real exciting's happened since the General Anesthesia wore off; just lots and lots of soft foods and sitting around. However, my actions while under the influence of the Anesthesia has cemented in me the desire to never ever ever ever ever get truly drunk ever in my life. Period. I acted quite the fool, and I was thoroughly embarrassed. Yaaaaaay drugs.

Amanda and Elizabeth came over Monday night to visit me and Steph, and I really enjoyed their visit. They brought Blokus, and I got my butt kicked. Twice. It was definitely not by best showing. Lets blame that on the anesthesia as well, actually.

That's all, folks. My life hasn't been very exciting recently. Sorry.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

On Chipmunk-Cheeks and Hydrocodone

So I get my Wisdom Teeth out tomorrow morning at 8:30 am. I am entirely looking forward to being drugged up for the next few days. However, I am rather frightened about what I might say to people when my inhibitions are gone. You see, I've worked my whole life to develop he mental filter that I have between brain and mouth. that filter is still more like a net, and it frightens me. This is, in fact, also a part of my rationale for never wanting to get drunk. Anyways, some videos might be posted on here or Facebook or Twitter (@PHoelscher17) in the next few days thanks to Amanda Hart.
What I will look like tomorrow. 
What I HOPE tomorrow feels like :)
UPDATE: If you feel like texting me tomorrow just for kicks, do it. I cannot be held accountable for anything I send back though.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Guess What!

Amanda Hart thinks my blog is "just precious."
And I have a 3rd follower!
And I have today off!
And I'm going to mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Ft. Worth tomorrow with Amanda and my Sister!
And I get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow (Monday) morning... never-mind, that's not really happy news
And I really need to get out of the habit of posting this late at night.
And the words "my culinary Waterloo" actually made their way out of my mouth...
And I reactivated my Twitter account" @PHoelscher17. Follow me.
And this one's for you Amanda
That is all. Goodnight

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Daily Catch

So, I don't really feel like doing too much original content tonight. Instead, I'm going to let much better writers than I entertain you tonight.

The OC (Original Content): The big news today is that I officially turned in my two-weeks-notice to my bosses at the YMCA. It's been fun working there, and I've made some good money, but It's almost time to go back to College Station! My last day will be the 18th of August, which gives me one whole day to pack up the car and do my final checks before I move into my new apartment. I'm teaching a TON of swim lessons this session, and I must say it wears my patience thin sometimes. Luckily I have an hour break before my last evening class, and my evening class is a nice relaxing adult class. I could teach them all day.

That's it for me though, now for the good stuff:

I found this map over at Creative Minority Report, and I thought it was just hilarious

Pretty darn clever. I wish I could come up with things like this.

Next, I would like to turn our attention to a new article written by New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan. I think Abp. Dolan is one of the greatest men of our time. You're free to disagree with me, but his writings tend to be very pointed, yet charitable, and are always well reasoned and solid. Anyways, allow me to exerpt from this newest piece

The headline was so familiar: Yet another group was “challenging the Vatican” on something, this time, on upholding the timeless teaching of the Church that only men are called to the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

One can’t really find too much fault with the content of the article… What one does find frustrating is the tenor of the headline and the article that “the Vatican” has these bizarre, outmoded, oppressive “policies” that need to be “revised” so that such “guidelines of Rome” are brought more in line with enlightened thinking of today.
One would think that leaders in “the Vatican” occasionally meet to decide what “rules” they should issue or reinforce today, or what changes in procedure they should introduce to guarantee that the Church is more relevant.

While this seems to be the presumption of most people who attempt to report on the Church, it is, indeed, a presumption that is invalid.

“The Vatican” is a plot of ground the size of an eighteen-hole golf course on the banks of the Tiber River in Rome…

These 108 acres, “the Vatican” have absolutely no authority at all to alter the teaching of the Church.  Its sacred duty, rather, is to preserve and hand on the deposit of faith we have received from revelation, from the Bible, from Jesus, from His apostles.

So, to imply that the Successor of St. Peter, Pope Benedict XVI, and his closest aides regularly meet as some political entity to read the latest poll and “change Church policy,” like that of ordaining only men, is silly.

Call it whatever you went — “the Vatican,” “Rome,” “the Pope,” “the Holy See,” “the Magisterium” — whatever you call it, it does not “make up,” “change,” or “issue” new doctrines.  It inherits them, receives them, “handed on” (from the Latin word tradiitio,) by Tradition.

Yes, it may rethink how the truth entrusted to it might be better explained, or more credibly presented, or expressed in a more contemporary way.

Yes, it might become concerned when it’s clear that a good chunk of people no longer follow a particular teaching or moral precept.

But it does not then call a meeting and vote whether or not to change the teaching.

At times it – “the Vatican,” “Rome,” “the Pope,” “the Holy See,” “the Magisterium” — might even wish it could change certain teachings.  For instance, I would wager most bishops, priests, deacons, pastoral leaders, and maybe even the Holy Father himself has, at one time or another wished the Church could alter the teaching of Jesus that marriage is forever, and that one cannot break that sacred bond asunder.

But it can’t, because it didn’t make up the teaching to begin with.

In the end, of course, our challenge is not to change the teachings of Jesus and His Church to conform to our whims, but to change our lives to conform to His teaching.

That’s a headline you won’t see.

You are only too correct, Sir,

My final thought to share with you comes from the brilliant mind of the great Fr. Robert Barron. I urge you to watch this video through to the end, it is illuminating.

Pax vobiscum

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Farewell to R's

Rest and Relaxation, that is. I like to imagine that my Anonymous Readership is well read and worldly, so I hope that all of you recognized the cleverness of the title. If you didn't, that's okay; it refers to A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway.

But back to what I was going to say. I returned from St. Louis last night at about 8:30. I went in to work this morning at 9 am. This was a bit of a shock to my system, to say the least. I was absolutely not mentally or physically prepared to teach swim lessons today. Sorry for the short post tonight, but I'm exhausted.

God Bless