Friday, July 22, 2011


Another late night post. I do apologize for this, but my work schedule these last few days has not allowed me to write in the early evening when I would prefer. Whatever, enough of my whining.

Big News! I got two new books today! They are:
Simple English Propers, Composed and Edited by Adam Bartlett
This is a super awesome book, and I am SO EXCITED! For those of who who have never heard of it (probably all of you, honestly) it is a new English translation of many of the older Latin Propers for the Holy Mass, with arrangements in the traditional chant style. It has an Introit, Offertory, and Communion chant for every Sunday and major feast day of the year! The cool thing about the Propers is that they are what the missal instructs us to sing/speak/chant at mass. Of course, many church choirs don't listen to what the missal tells them, and we are stuck with semi-appropriate hymns instead of the Propers.

The next book is Crossing the Threshold of Hope, by Blessed Pope John Paul II

I picked this one up at Half-Price Books for $8 while searching for an old, large book to make a book-safe out of. Excellent find. I haven't really started reading this one yet, but I cannot wait to dig into it!


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