Wednesday, July 20, 2011

AA 92!!

Here, as promised, my narrative of  Aggie Awakening 92:

Friday: Setup for a few hours, blech. Retreaters arrived!!! Table 5's costumes ROCKED! We had a good group at our table; among them a seminarian, a probable seminarian, and several from other schools. Winning! After a few talks, some activities, RECONCILIATION(!) and family time it was off to dreamland for this little gopher...

Saturday: As always, Saturday morning came waaaaaaay too early, and it brought with it a stiff back and super-duper amounts of excitement for SATURDAY OF AWAKENING!!!The day was full of gophering, listening, taking pictures of blind retreaters stumbling all over themselves, and other such gopherous activities, all culminating in ADORATION!! (note: when i say "ADORATION" it should really be said like "ADORATION!!!!!!!!!" in your head. Just saying.) 

SUNDAY!!: It was Sunday of Awakening. Nuff said. 

So there, in a nut shell, is my Awakening experience timetable rundown! I would love to go into details about all the blessings I received and how the Lord worked on me and through me.. but I can't and I won't :) needless to say, I came away from AA 92 a better Catholic and with new understanding of myself and many other things. 

Now just for fun...

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